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Semi-Private Training

Semi-private training offers clients who have a solid grasp of training fundamentals but desire a personal trainer to supervise their techniques, alignment, and adjustments. It also appeals to those who seek motivation and a challenging gym experience, albeit with less guidance than in personal training. Clients are not bound to a fixed schedule but have the flexibility to attend within designated time blocks. They can participate up to five times a week and share the trainer's attention with a small group of other clients. Furthermore, this option provides a more affordable alternative for those who are unable to invest in personal training.

We offer two options to choose from. Both 
packages are designed to cater to your specific needs and provide a comprehensive range of services to support your overall well-being. To maintain a high-quality experience, each session will begin on the hour and must be booked through the calendar, ensuring a maximum of three participants per hour.
Strength Training

3M Package

Motion, Muscle & Mindset

The 3M Package represents our comprehensive approach to integrating multiple services into a personalized program.

 It includes preventive care, mindset coaching, semi-private training, yoga, core, and mobility sessions, along with on-site stretching twice a week.

With this package, you have the flexibility to choose when you want to come for your 20 sessions per month, and you can work with your preferred trainer who will be available on-site. Additionally, you can attend up to 16 yoga and stretching sessions per month.

Ashtanga Yoga

2M Package

Motion & Mindset

We offer the 2M Package, focuses on motion and mindset. With this package, you can attend up to eight recovery-based sessions per month, including yoga, stretching, and meditation.

This package is especially beneficial if you're interested in receiving assisted stretching before, during, or after your training sessions. We have dedicated Tuesday and Thursday for mobility, offering four-hour time blocks for stretch and recovery sessions with a trainer. These days also provide the option to participate in yoga classes.

To begin any service, please complete the questionnaire and our team will reach out to you.

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