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Build your relationship between mind and body with our yoga classes right now. Focus on breathing, meditation and poster to enter a therapeutic stage to improve physical and mental well-being. Book a personal appointment or sign up for a group class to reach your maximum relaxation. Try each of three types of yoga classes: power yoga, gentle yin yoga and vinyasa flow yoga!

Gentle Yin Yoga

Gentle Yin Yoga is perfect after a long day to give you a relaxing deep stretch to relieve tension and stiffness from the back and trunk while focusing on breathing. Focus on yourself and sign up for a yin yoga class now to focus on your connective tissues and joints that aren’t normally exercised.

Power Yoga

Power yoga is a more rigorous style of yoga, which burns more calories with, but the style teaches posture, stamina, mental health, and flexibility while also incorporating the athleticism of the Ashtanga method as well as the poses from the vinyasas. Sign up now to integrate a fast pace, yet relaxing class to burn more calories and fat.

Vinyasa Yoga

As one of the more Western practiced styles used today, Vinyasa is perfect to master breathing and stability techniques, while also improving flexibility, strength, calmness, and clarity. Sign up for this fast-paced pose heavy class now to encourage a deep sense of mindfulness, comfort and clearness.

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