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Preventative Care

Dr. Brandan Dotson

Bloodwork, Consultation, Ongoing Health Plan

Dr. Brandon Dotson
Dr. Brandan Dotson, an Internal Medicine specialist, graduated from UCSF School of Medicine. He completed his internship and residency at SCVMC, San Jose. He emphasizes discipline, patience, and consistency in goal achievement, integrating these into his practice. Advocating lifestyle changes for disease prevention and treatment, he focuses on enhancing wellness through fitness and nutrition.

Prioritizing health, we provide two consultations for better health and reduced chronic disease risk. Our Preventative Care includes affordable access to a Concierge Doctor, Dr. Dotson, who offers comprehensive care and alternative treatments, balancing his full-time medical work with part-time services at Fit Clinic.

The Fit Clinic offers two key consultations:

  1. Bloodwork Review and Analysis: Suitable if you haven't had a health assessment in over a year, need baseline health markers, or want to assess the impact of lifestyle changes on previous abnormal tests. Dr. Dotson will review your bloodwork, provide interpretations, answer questions, and offer health recommendations.

  2. Preventive Care Consultation: Ideal for those proactive about their health, aiming to prevent chronic diseases. This includes reviewing your medical history, discussing health priorities, evaluating risks, and recommending tests for screening and diagnosis.

Join us at The Fit Clinic for preventative healthcare with Dr. Dotson.

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Dr. Brandan Dotson's Story

I started this health & wellness journey in the early-to-mid COVID pandemic era during which I worked tirelessly as a resident physician at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC), the only safety net hospital in San Jose. Unfortunately despite many safety measures, I caught covid prior to any known treatment or vaccines at the time. Fortunately I was never hospitalized for COVID, but I was debilitated by the virus. I vividly recall struggling to walk up a flight of stairs into my own apartment due to severe shortness of breath, and experiencing unbearable fatigue while performing the most basic household activities. 


Throughout my time having covid, I honestly felt like a failure for catching the virus and I lived in constant fear of spreading it to my twin sister, whom I lived with at the time. This was compounded by feeling miserable as a person due to the stress of training to be a doctor,  being obese and overall unhappy with myself. I remember nights crying in the shower, fearful if my symptoms were to worsen the next day. As the only doctor in my family, I kept thinking if I were to die then who would take care of my family? It was at this moment I decided to take control of my health. I knew that in order to take care of others, I needed to take care of myself first. I knew I needed to be a stronger and more resilient person. 


After countless online research I found The Fit Clinic. I was personally drawn to Mike and Kathy’s stories, as well as other members’ transformations and personal health journeys. As a member of The Fit Clinic community, I have acquired priceless skills and knowledge which without a doubt helped me personally, but have even made me a better physician in terms of how I guide my own patients in their health and wellness journeys.

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