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Personal Training

What is different?

Our trainers are specialized in different areas. We select the trainer that is most suitable for your goals based on your experience and history. 

Achieving the best results

We offer program oversight & management which goes hand-in-hand with personal training, allowing us to track all the data in relation to your strength, nutrition, photos, measurements, and training plan.


We do this by having a system for check-ins and communicating with your trainer directly to make sure every aspect of your program is integrated.


Let's get started!


Fill out a Questionnaire

The client questionnaire allows us to make the most of your complimentary consultation. We will gather information around your preferences, needs, and limitations. We cover three major areas:

1) Medical & Health Summary

2) Nutrition

3) Training


Book a Consultation

Consultations give us a better understanding of your current fitness level and your future goals. A consultation begins with obtaining an inBody test, which provides us with your hydration levels, muscle mass, body fat %, basal metabolic rate, and more with 98% accuracy.


Begin your fitness journey.

We will set up your schedule and trainer and provide you a comprehensive program within 72 hours. We offer a virtual meeting to review the program and recap on how to navigate each aspect.

If you'd like to get in touch with us, feel free to call or text the business phone: (650) 272-4240.

Our Principle in Action


Learn sustainable nutrition strategies that will transform your physique without feeling deprived.


Personalized exercise routine that is designed to help you progressively achieve your goals. Maximize your potential through a variety of rep ranges and training styles.


Improving your health and physique is like a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time and consistency. Learn how to make this process sustainable for the rest of your life.


Learn to reframe your mindset and achieve your full potential. There is power in overcoming your challenges and keeping a positive attitude. There are no boundaries to your success. What you tell yourself will become reality.

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