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Mike Shmakov

Mike is a dedicated health and fitness professional with over 7 years of experience in the field. While studying Psychology at Sonoma State, he decided he wanted to be immersed in the process of transforming lives. Following his passion, he extensively studied holistic approaches in nutrition and supplementation and obtained 5 certifications:


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

  • NCEP Certified Personal Trainer

  • AMFPT Certified Personal Trainer

  • AMFMT Certified Master Trainer

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Mike began working at a corporate gym and worked his way up to master trainer. Later he started his own business Fitness With Mike, becoming the top rated bodybuilding and competition trainer on Yelp.


After 2 years, he decided to branch off and dive deeper into teaching. In 2018 he began teaching Nutrition at Los Gatos Drug and Alcohol Center. Mike has been sober for over 7 years so lecturing about the connection between nutrition and recovery from addiction and alcoholism is significant to him.


In 2019, Mike began working at Branham High School teaching Strength & Conditioning to high school athletes, where the team made it to playoffs and ultimately to CCS Final Championships. 


Less than a year later, Mike partnered with Kathy and started Troika Fitness LLC in order to emphasize the other aspects of health and wellness — mobility and mindset. 


He has competed in 9 bodybuilding competitions, placed 1st in every division offered by the NPC, and continues to evolve with research. 


Mike is innovative in his approach to personal training and implements methods that are effective for both beginners and advanced athletes. His training is always followed by a heavy emphasis on nutrition and behavior modification. He understands that everybody is different and require a personalized approach toward their goals.


Mike guarantees a sustainable and motivating fitness journey under his guidance and leadership, and provides his clients the resources needed to be successful in their endeavors.

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