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Are Vegans and Vegetarians healthier than Meat Eaters?

Author: Mike Shmakov

Vegan and Vegetarian Diets

When you exclude meat from the diet and you replace those calories with other quality foods, you typically consume more vitamins and minerals. It is known that vegetarians are typically healthier than non-vegetarians. They also consume more fiber on average, because the common food sources (lentils, seeds, nuts, vegetables) are high in fiber.

It’s important to distinguish all variables. A vegetarian can be unhealthy too if they consume mostly processed food. A meat-eater can be healthy if they use quality food sources.

The main problem that comes with meat is saturated fat, which has a direct link to a degradation in heart health. However, there are plenty of lean sources of protein you can utilize.

The main problem that comes with a vegetarian diet is the lack of “complete proteins” containing all the essential amino acids. However, there are supplemental EAA that can correct this issue when supplemented WITH the vegetarian protein source.

My Experience

I have had a lot of vegetarians step on the inBody. The inBody measures body fat and muscle mass via bioelectrical impedance. Every single person to this day has had significantly lower muscle mass than a similar adult with similar activity levels and nutrition habits.

For this reason, I stress an increase in protein intake. Many vegetarians are afraid of protein and its strain on the kidney. Protein does increase urea production, however this is often misinterpreted as a kidney disorder or a kidney stress. It is similar to saying that iodized salt leads to hyperthyroidism. Iodized salt is fortified with iodine which can have an effect on the thyroid BUT IT DOES NOT implicate any dangerous complications.

I recommend that everyone supplement with a multi-vitamin as a preventative measure. Most people who come to me are going from an unhealthy diet to a healthy diet and there will be bumps in the road. Inevitably, a multi-vitamin will improve the quality of health regardless if someone is sticking to their suggested nutrition or not.


Outlook and Vision

An outlook on a situation can have the greatest impact on which way it goes. There is a theory we should explore in psychology.

A "self-fulfilling prophecy" is the sociopsychological phenomenon of someone "predicting" or expecting something, and this "prediction" or expectation coming true simply because the person believes it will. and the person's resulting behaviors aligning to fulfill the belief.

This is the reason that Arnold said that he envisions how he wants to look during the course of his competition prep. Successful actor Jim Carrey once wrote himself a paycheck before actually getting his movie contract — but he was broke at the time. This is an example of executing the vision.

You take one small step at a time towards a goal with the true belief and intention that you will reach that goal and you can see yourself at the end of it.

Use self-fulfilling prophecy for your growth, not your destruction!


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