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Why Personal Responsibility Matters

This week, we've been discussing what personal responsibility is and how we can begin to take steps towards it, but why is this important? In life, you and I are presented with many choices. The choices that we make have the ability to influence our goals, accomplishments, and the areas where we experience success.

Taking personal responsibility allows us to accept the outcome of our choices without blaming anyone else. It helps us to look back at the outcomes, particularly the negative ones, and course correct---preventing future mistakes. Relationally, taking personal responsibility, sets our standards and teaches others how we expect to be treated.

When it comes to our successes and failures, whether in the gym or outside of the gym, we are the ones who have the onus of accountability. No one else. What we decide to do and how we decide to respond will determine our achievements. This is the beauty and the burden of being human. Not to fear, you and I are well equipped to take responsibility over matters concerning our lives and see our goals actualized.

Motion, Muscle & Mindset,

Coach Asaya


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